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CAN YOU SEND ME A SMILE - A Haven for Scribes of the Darkness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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CAN YOU SEND ME A SMILE [May. 11th, 2005|02:23 pm]


can you send me a smile because im frowning.
would you rescue me from drowning?
can you love me forever and never let me go?
can you hug me gently and let your adoration show?
can you marry me and with me forever be?
when im crying can you make me laugh?
or will you simply stab me like a heart attack?
will you hold me gently as i lie here?
or walk away leaving me in tears,alone with my fears.
if i was alone would you keep me? or walk away and forever leave me?
would you send me a dream so blissful and sweet?
will you giggle as i carry and gently sweep you off your feet?
would you look at me with eyes of adoration and smelling of honey so sweet?
or would you leave me here crying in a heap?
if you could make me happy for a moment would you?
you said you love me but i question"how could you?
would you walk away from me for all eternity?
im a person to cant you see?
all i ever want is to be special to someone
but i end up all alone simply by being me.
as i write this with tears in my eyes
hoping and praying for my demise.
im sick of breathing,im sick of dreaming
im sick of bleeding,im sick of screaming.
love me i cry gently as i go to sleep and softly die.
my last thought is simply one word