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A Haven for Scribes of the Darkness

Or just a place that feels like home...

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This is a community for those of you who hear the Song of the Darkness. Or just happen to write poetry/stories, etc with a dark theme. Or who happen to like poetry/writings with a dark theme. Or perhaps are just some crazed lunatic with some time on your hands.

Whatever the case, this is the place for writing straight from Hell itself, from the womb of Ebereth, from the lips of Lilith. Or something not so eloquent, like the teenage, angst-ridden mind.

Good stuff, that.

Post your original works and comment on others works, as well.

Rules & Stuff:
*Only post stuff that you wrote. Duh.
*Extra-long posts should be put under a cut tag. Thanks.
*Comment on at least two other works when you post one.
*No flaming. If you don't like something, offer ideas for improvement, not things like "HEY YOU SUCK, that is /so/ trash. Ew." Because that's just rude :P
*Erotica is ok. Just put it in a cut tag with a little notice or something.

That's it for now. Get writing.

Anyway. Enjoy.