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Another Update From the Moderator! [Sep. 30th, 2006|03:24 am]


[Current Music |Emilie Autumn - Misery Loves Company]

Ok, so wow, this place is dead. I've got permenant access to the 'net again, so I'm really going to work on all those things I said in the last post ( not that any body cares, 'cause I doubt anybody's even reading this, but hey, I can try ). I'm gonna make a banner or something to promote with. Really, I urge you to promote. This has potential to be a pretty decent community, I think, for us like-minded people. Or perhaps I'm just full of myself and want my creation to be something it's not ever capable of being. Either way, I'm determined. So banners are forthcoming, as is the re-working of the look of this place. It's all blah and dumpy ( just like my crappy LJ ), and it needs work. So that's on the list of things to do. Anyway, I figured I'd throw something up here while I'm at it, just to make a sad attempt at getting things going again. Woohoo.


13 Seasons & No Remorse

Slip of your tongue –
I catch a breach in the walls
A rain of flower petals from the clouds
Soft-scented and bittersweet
Like a knife between your ribs
Years pass but the anger yet lingers
Awake to find ash on my lips
Handfuls of brimstone for your wounds
Like salt, rub out my eyes
Stitch them shut with thick needles
Strung with gut strings stolen from
The rotting corpses of paradise
Nothing hurts more than the
Blade’s last final twist
A goodbye caress of flesh and steel
Kiss me once more, your lips laced in lies
With you goes a shard of this mirror
Thirteen years have we waited
I’ll lick the embers from my fingers and proceed
This ritual long in coming now is here
Awash in a rain of fetid tears
Rebirth from the decay exists
You let it eat you inside until
Your nails turned black like brittle coal;
I have no more pity for you.


So there.

From: shadows_in_me
2006-09-30 09:50 pm (UTC)
I thing you do well trying to rebirth the community.
I like the ideia and I will join, unfortunely I have no net at home, but I'll try to be informed about the community.
I create a community you may like, this is the link:


Sorry my bad english.
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