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It's been awhile [Jul. 17th, 2004|02:38 pm]


[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |Billy Talent - River Below]

Yes, this community has had a period of hibernation. Mostly my fault, I've been dealing with crap. But now all that's, for the most part, over with, so I can start posting/promoting/wishing this were a popular community again :P Woot.

And of course, no post here is entirely complete without at least one poem, yes? Well, I'll give you two.

To Tell of Burning Heaven

The bubbling miasma of putrescense unleashed. . .
Beneath the tree-lined faux comas,
And choked intestinal breaths,
Lay tar-black remains of infailiable wax.
The gleaming of Sapphire eyes has expired,
Leaving only the thin crackled husk of release.
Soley the listeners who hang from the Dreams
Know of this hushed nighttime revelry.
Angels had whispered and fallen from Grace
Lending chill bitter winds to threads of Fate,
I longed for the ending and Darkness complete,
So when the seven bridges opened unto Hell,
We stole the ancient curses whole
And left behind the petty huring,
Grasping at the elusive promise of Truth. . .

Truth Be'twixt the Blades

Sleep ushered Dreams past the tangle of Dawn
And left the empty soulless caverns twisted between.
Down past the glacial remenants of company,
The chlled and tattered wind-swept child
Hungers for the soft curses, spry,
To sprng from the deep wells concealed
Within a dead-black stone cold heart.

So the Nght came agan,
Upon horses of steel . . .
Screams drowned out in harsh hisses of steam.
Armaggeddon wrapped in ribbons
Writhing on the precipice of defeat,
Rose up from sunken corpses,
Left in alleyways to rot.

And so we Love . . .
With all the bleeding and severing,
With a cold sharpened ending
Like a blade through the heart.
Yet still we cling in the Dark,
Bloodless, hoping, tears of agony complete.

Give us the ending, I long for release.

And there you have it. ^_^